Wabash Valley Soaring Association


Fee and Rate Schedule

for Wabash Valley Soaring Association


Initiation – One time fee upon application                     $175.00

                  Full time student                                            $75.00


Dues – Payable annually upon billing (Usually in late fall)

                  Regular Member                                          $175.00

                  Family         $150.00 + $50.00/additional family member

                  Full time student                                             $75.00

                  Associate     (No flying privileges)                  $10.00

Soaring Society of America membership is required of all members and SSA dues are paid through WVSA.    SSA dues are $64.00 for adults and $36.00 for students.

Flying Rates

                  Aero tow to 1,000 ft  AGL                                    $12.00

                  Aero tow to 2,000 ft  AGL                                    $30.00

                  Aero tow to 3,000 ft  AGL                                    $40.00

                  Each additional 1,000 ft                                       $10.00

                  Glider Rental $12.00/hr with a $2.00 min

Hangar Rates

                   Hangar fees for members are $480.00/year.  Free trailer parking on ramp.

All membership fees are subject to change by the board of WVSA and any other charges are noted on the application form available from Wabash Valley Soaring Association by email at info@soarwvsa.org

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